The Insticube Concept

INSTICUBE measures service quality from Asset Managers from the perceptions of their actual clients.


The INSTICUBE holistic view on service provided is unique.


INSTICUBE demonstrates that a broad range of prognostic ‘soft data’ is more important for monitoring asset manager relationships than the traditional ‘hard’ performance only data.


For the first time, all INSTICUBE members – and only those who are members – get unique transparency on real client experience that other Asset Owners share with their peers for mutual benefit.


The INSTICUBE universe is the Top 2.000 Asset Owners in six European regions and 19 countries. Nearly 700 Asset Owners are already participating regularly.


INSTICUBE membership is free of charge for the Top 2,000 Asset Owners.


All aspects of service provided by Asset Managers they employ (already more than 470) are reported on by Asset Owners.


Individual reports on all mandates in all asset classes (listed/unlisted, active/passive, alternatives etc) are to be included in the database.

About Insticube

INSTICUBE is independently financed and exists solely to build a truly neutral institutional market data cube – the INSTICUBE database.


IPE created INSTICUBE’s database in 2013 as the Pension Fund Perception Programme.


INSTICUBE has agreed with IPE an intensive investment programme to enhance the scale and scope of the programme. For this purpose, a new legal entity was created in 2017.


INSTICUBE is proud to retain IPE’s involvement as a long-term strategic partner, and as a significant shareholder.


AssetMetrix, Europe’s leading next generation asset servicer for private capital investors, is a new strategic partner and shareholder in INSTICUBE.
INSTICUBE will benefit from AssetMetrix’ ‘state of the art’ know-how in reporting on and analytics for private capital markets, as well as its expertise in the latest digital data engineering processes.


With operations in London and Munich, with others to follow INSTICUBE will continually strengthen its regional market knowledge.


INSTICUBE believes that regardless of performance delivered, the difference between service expectations and reality is the really critical benchmark against which to measure success in these highly opaque markets.


The INSTICUBE data cube can be filtered by region, country, asset class, type of investor, and size of AUM.


INSTICUBE provides a unique level of detail.


Alongside the statistical data INSTICUBE provides a substantial amount of anecdotal feedback.


INSTICUBE provides access to all research data 24/7.

The Insticube Universe

INSTICUBE has received very strong support from Asset Owners all over Europe.


INSTICUBE allows Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Banks, Corporates, Endowment Funds, Churches, Unions, Employer Associations, Supranationals, and all other large Institutional Investors to become members.


Institutional Investors that are not included in the Top 2,000 Asset Owners in Europe may join INSTICUBE by making an annual cost contribution for their membership.


INSTICUBE covers all aspects of the relationships between the Asset Owners and their Asset Managers over the full duration of a mandate.


With the intelligence provided, INSTICUBE can help to reduce operational costs and strategic risks for the Asset Owner and improve outcomes for the benefit of their stakeholders.



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